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An Overview Of The 3 Week Diet Plan

Nutritionist Brian Flatt created the 3 week diet program. He envisioned a diet that everyone can do due to its simplicity and ease to follow. The author specified that the 21 days the diet goes on, you could at least shed off up to 20 pounds of fats. That’s 1 pound per day. In the early chapters of the ebook, it was explained that the reason behind people gaining too much weight is they consume calories more than the daily allowed.


In total there are 4 manuals for the whole program, and it will take 3 phases to complete. Each phase is a week long program. All of the phases focus on fat loss; they have certain goals each week too. You will learn about the body’s need for calories and the right amount of calorie intake for your body. This will be beneficial to you since you will actually be creating a calorie deficiency to simulate a fast weight loss scenario. Daily you will be losing weight, and with the idea in you about the amount that you need to take, you can use it for future reference in maintaining your weight as well.

After a good opening on our earlier paragraphs, let’s now look more closely at the contents of the ebook and its weight loss factor more deeper. To continue your journey to weight loss, the manuals are scheduled to run 3 weeks and are divided into 3 phases, first the nutrition and diet, the second is the exercise and workouts, and lastly the motivation tools.

Some are afraid that dieting will make them go hungry or sacrifice their favorite food. The diet manual promises you will not go hungry at all, but will make you burn calories and fat even while you sleep. The right timing in eating is key, when your body is at its peak, and the time of the day and the week is essential. All of these infos are in the manual. Expect a lot of cool and informative new things to learn from the ebook.

The mid half of the 3 week diet manual is the exercise and the workout plans. Good news, it is only for 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week. It is not that extensive at all and it may not require you to do super hard positions and lift that many weights. Its mostly dedicated to shaping up and toning your body. This is the advantage of the 3 week diet plan compared to others.

A lot of claims and satisfied customers have come out and praised the 3 week diet plan because of these 2 superb manuals alone, don’t you think it’s time that you try the 3 week diet plan for yourself?

Do remember that the remaining manuals are the motivation manuals that are there to keep you on the program until it finishes. Not everyone has the right mindset and motivation to finish a diet program, so the author cares enough for you and knows this very well.

There is also a money back guarantee, well long after the 3 weeks that the diet plan is scheduled for. Talk about confidence to the highest degree.

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